Depression and Oxygen

Depression is one of the most common Metal Disorders

When your brain is not working properly  –  Depression !

Oxygen helps to put us on a HIGH !

Oxygen is a well know healer for both mental and physical conditions that we suffer. Oxygen increases the body and its ability to heal as it supplies more oxygen into the bloodstream which encourages the body to heal.

The brain consists of about 14.5 billion brain cells and is the central control of the body. For normal activity, the brain needs an ample supply of pure clean Oxygen.

Oxygen therapy helps to revitalize the brains tissues and restore normal brain metabolism in different areas of the brain in way that other treatments cannot.

Oxygen Therapy is easy and noninvasive and great for people with low-medium depression, stress and anxiety.

“Ben-Gurion University researchers in recent years has found a connection between an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain and poor function of the mitochrondria (energy-producing fibers) in the cells. This can disrupt the functioning of neurons and the electrical activity of the brain, said Shvartzman. Thus raising the amount of oxygen inhaled by the patient can improve psychiatric functioning, he said. Ben-Gurion University seeks to yield the same positive results of oxygen therapy among people suffering from depression, the leading cause of disability worldwide. In Australia, it is estimated that 45 percent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.”