Dr Oxygen is a proven efficient portable OXYGEN generator. Convenient to use, needing no power or electricity. Fill up the chambers of the generator with water and add the activator followed by the Oxygen powder.   Put on the % Oxygen available. Begin your Oxygen therapy for 10 -15 minutes.



Otto Warburg, the only medical Doctor who was awarded the Nobel Prize twice. Dr. Otto Warburg found out:  Cancer can’t live in oxygen.

The lungs and heart are responsible for supplying oxygen to the brain where after to the body so as to have effective blood oxygen circulation.

Most of the oxygen we inhale is used up by the brain, rooms with air conditioning.

Important to know is that when a body is provided with fresh air rich in oxygen it energizes the function of the  heart and the lungs, health is able to be recovered.

Most modern men suffer from blood circulation problems due to lack of exercise and poor diet which makes the blood impure and oxidized. This situation causes enemy number one Cholesterol. To counter this, an increased supply of oxygen to the blood efficiently washes away Cholesterol and other impurities that stick to the inside of the blood vessels.

Stress and insomnia: The effect of oxygen in re-balancing the brain activity and the body’s rhythms is proven beyond doubt in medical tests and so people who suffer from insomnia and or stress can get near instant relief after taking minimal amounts of pure oxygen.

Hypertension: is another social disease that affects many persons of all ages. High blood pressure as it is more commonly known can be effectively reduced from daily intake of oxygen.

Diabetes: this can be treated provided it is not in an advanced state with regular oxygen intake making the patient more able to undertake most daily functions with ease.

Alcohol and oxygen have a very close connection. When alcohol gets dissolved it requires 3 molecules of oxygen to disolve1 molecule of alcohol. If there is insufficient oxygen after drinking this can result in a headache and an attack of vomiting. The more one drinks the body’s demand for more oxygen increases so having a portable pure oxygen machine handy can be a life saver.

Hangover’s a result of a low oxygen in the blood which results in the shrinking of the blood vessels in the brain moving the brain ever so slightly from the cranium. This is quickly corrected by oxygenating the blood so as it swells to normal healthy levels.

Overeating puts a strain on our digestive organs and other internal organs, it generates poisonous wastes in the body. To excrete these wastes, a substantial amount of oxygen is needed. Our body needs an abundant oxygen supply to neutralize synthetic food colouring, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, meats and eggs are obtained by feeding the animals chemicals so as to speed growth. Then there are the various instant foodstuffs, flavour enhancer, stabilizers and most frozen foods are artificially prepared, which people consume every day unwillingly, overtaxing their livers, stomachs and intestines.

It is proven that people such as Astronauts, Car racing drivers and athletes with a higher oxygen intake perform much better and cope better with stress. Harmful carbon monoxide fumes from daily driving have been proven to be the biggest reason for road rage not to mention the drowsiness bought on by lack of oxygen.

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