Why is Dr Oxygen IMPORTANT ?

Stress / Wrong Food / Insufficient Exercise / Environmental pollutants – all have a consequence on the body.  The result is poor blood circulation and heart problems. Deterioration of our health starts form the lack of Oxygen.

The good news is, help is here now!

Dr Oxygen can help in all areas.

This therapy gives excellent results for energizing and improving your body condition .

Oxygen Therapies – are a way of approaching disease

“The whole Oxygen Theory concept is actually very simple” / “Its as easy as 1- 2 – 3. Problems – Solutions – Evidence”

Your body has always been trying hard to take out the toxicity, but you never had the Oxygen needed to do it!  (Taken from Flood your Body with Oxygen Book by Ed McCabe)

You derive Oxygen (O2) from the air you breathe.

There is plenty of evidence that our air contains Less Oxygen now, especially in densely metropolitan areas.

SO, Why do we get LOW OXYGEN Levels in the body? (Hypoxia – Lack of Oxygen)

  • Air pollution levels are increasing
  • Injury and /or Disease
  • Cooking drives oxygen out of vegetables
  • Processed and hydrogenated foods
  • Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria

If your cells need more energy, they use more Oxygen – That is why your breathing rate increases when you exercise!

If your cells do not receive enough Oxygen, they produce less energy – Every breath you take converts to energy!

Human cells use nutrients form food and Oxygen create Adenosine Tr-Phosphate(ATP), the energy source that fuels cell function.

If your cells receive too little, they produce less energy.

If your cells need more energy, they use more, this is why your breathing rate increases when exercising.


As you age, you lose some of your capacity to utilise Oxygen (O2)), this loss is% per year from age 20. The older you get, the more Oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.

Ageing – when there is a lack of Oxygen not being transported in the body then – Vitamin C is not absorbed, then there is a collagen breakdown.

Oxygen Therapy slows down the Ageing process by keeping our cells clean, so they would only wear out very slowly, a lack of oxygen is why body organs grow old and is the primary cause of strokes and degeneration of the brain.

Oxygen is critical – your body and brain depend on this.


The brain demands at least 20% of the body’s Oxygen supply, when it doesn’t get this supply it can lead to issues such as sleep apnea, poor concentration, forgetfulness, mood swings, restlessness, depressive thoughts and low drive. Unlike muscles, your brain cannot store energy. It needs a steady flow of nutrients and Oxygen to function normally. Oxygen deficiency can decrease your alertness, memory and judgement


Lack of, or low Oxygen levels is the ultimate cause of disease, toxic build up and poisons which can cause depression


The home generator provides a very good detoxification process as the unit helps to rid the body of waste products.


We need Oxygen to help us flourish and maintain good health.

There is no age restriction for use.

Dr Oxygen helps to remove toxins from the body.

Disease cannot live in active Oxygen.

More information is available in our booklet, please ask us about your FREE copy – you can order it here.

Success of Dr Oxygen Portable Generator ?

Oxygen increases your fitness:

  • Improved blood circulation and maximised organ efficiency
  • Increases energy
  • Prevents dizziness
  • Ideal for pregnancy

Oxygen for Wellness:

  • Vitalises the mind and body
  • Longer work hours with less sleep
  • After too much alcohol and nicotine
  • Attentiveness for long distance driving
  • Smoother looking skin from better blood circulation
  • Increased stamina in sport *Higher concentration in studies
  • Improved skin tone with a radiant colour and more wellness

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