Oxygen and the Brain

All of the cells in your body require OXYGEN, so they can do their work especially your Brain Cells Neurons as you get older.  These Cells never rest or sleep they require energy all of the time. The cell energy is call Adenosine Triphosphate – ATP Brain Cells make ATP from Oxygen and glucose / blood sugar.

The brain weighs approx. 2% of your body’s weight and uses 20-30% of the oxygen you breathe, so this is essential for your brains health and happiness and a lot if this comes from shallow breathing and increasing in age.

Your ability to utilize Oxygen at the cellular level decreases as we age approximately 1% a year from age 20 onwards. When you are 70 years you have lost about 50% of your ability to utilize oxygen therefore you need a lot more oxygen to be delivered to your brain to get the same happy and healthy brain results.

When your brain is not working properly you can develop:-  Depression, Memory loss, Dementia, Parkinsons, High Blood Pressure,  Movement Along with balance issues,trouble with hearing, vision, smell, Alzheimers and apparently only 5% is strongly influenced by genes, evidence is emerging that lack of Oxygen is the main cause.