Comments and testimonials from clients after using Dr. Oxygen

“I personally have experienced better sleep as I normally have that busy brain that wakes up through the night, found it so wonderful, so I purchased the business so I could help more people get healthy, or to help stop people from getting so sick.” – Joanne O’Brien

“I slept better after the very first treatment and feel better with continued use.” – Ataul

“My friend and I feel so great after our treatments.” – Barbara Joy

“After suffering the effect of alcohol, a treatment on the Dr Oxygen rid me of my hangover on Christmas morning.” – Jon 2015

“I recently tried a pure Oxygen treatment, and frankly, I was utterly impressed. After one twenty minute session my breathing was noticeably better, the fog in my head had disappeared, my eyesight was clearer, I felt noticeably calmer, I slept like a contented baby that night. What’s more, in the morning when out on a run, I noticed I was breathing into parts of my lungs that I previously hadn’t known existed. My lung capacity was markedly improved and I couldn’t recall it feeling so free. Exhilarating stuff! And I experienced all of that as a result of one twenty minute session.  I was so impressed, in fact, that I brought the darn equipment, knowing that I always want pure Oxygen and its benefits readily and easily on hand. And now I’d love for you to experience this wonderful pure Oxygen treatment too.” – Lou Beker April 2016

“I have emphysema and asthma and so far I’ve had about 4 treatments so far with the Dr Oxygen machine, after the first treatment I felt a difference, with clearer breathing.  When I had the second treatment I felt almost immediately that my breathing was clearer and easier. It is a lot easier and each time I use the machine it gets better for longer. I would like to give my full support to Joanne and the Dr Oxygen machine.” – Wayne Hooper

“My wife Julie picked up a virus at a group meeting. The day after the meeting she started coughing and sneezing. Then her temperature went up. Then the coughing increased with masses of mucous expectoration!! This went on for days. I gave her all the natural remedies to assist the body. However we even needed stronger mucous medicines to help break down the mucous in the lungs. After 10 days she had improved a little. Then I decided get product that I ran out of some time ago. Found the supplier and ordered it. That product is Dr Oxygen!!!!! I have used it for many years with much success. At this time I caught the bug of her after being coughed on 24-7!!!!!! After 2 days using Dr Oxygen we both improved considerably!!!! Oxygen is the most important element for us humans. However the pollution is destroying its availability. Burning all fuels uses oxygen in cars , planes etc. We have also removed 80% of oxygen produces on the planet-trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to support the life and health of your body cells it is wise to use Dr Oxygen regularly.” – Gary Courtenay ND HbT NATUROPATH

“This O2 is helping my elderly mum who has a tumour in her lung…she enjoys having her treatments and feels it helps her.” – From AF

“I was just reading through an old Natural Medicine magazine—Issue 11, Nov. 13-Feb. 14—and on pg. 20 there is a small article entitled” “Cancer is result of low oxygen level in cells-not mutation, scientists discover”. “Many aggressive cancers are caused by low oxygen level in cells, scientists have discovered this week…” – Pam M.

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