Portabele & Self Powered Oxygen Generator

Dr Oxygen is a proven efficient portable OXYGEN generator, Convenient to use , needing no power or electricity.

Fill up the chambers of the generator with water and add the activator followed by the Oxygen powder.

Put on the mask or use the nasal tube. You will have more than 10 litres of 99.8% Oxygen available.

Begin your Oxygen therapy for 10 -15 minutes.

The Dr Oxygen Generator Unit is completely portable, economical , easy to run and very efficient and is used to promote healthy living

  • It needs no power or highly pressurized Oxygen
  • Dr Oxygen works on the basis of a safe chemical reaction
  • The US Patent (No 043487) and their quality control warrant this stabilizer and the safe chemical reaction.

The Dr Oxygen Generator is great for a variety of uses from Spa / Cosmetic Skin and Beauty uses.

But can also be used for Healthcare purposes for Heart, Lungs, Skin, Blood, Organs, Hypertension, Cancer,  Dementia, Stress, Insomnia, Diabetes, Digestive issues, and a lot more conditions.

It is recommended to use Dr. Oxygen twice a day for daily healthy living!

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Package Contents:

  • 1 – Oxygen Generator and Lid
  • 1 – See through Core
  • 1 – Supporter
  • 2 – Masks
  • 1 – Nasal Tube
  • 1 – 10 pack box of A and B Sachets

Instructions For Use

Assembly of Oxygen Generator:

  1. Place the supporter into the bottom of the Oxygen Generator
  2. Connect the mask to the tube and connect into the lid of the generator

Instructions for use:

  1. Fill the container in both compartments up to the water level as marked on the container with cold water
  2. Into the larger compartment of the container add Packet A and then add Packet B
    • The small packet A, is the natural activator (controls the duration and degree of reaction as a stabiliser)
    • The larger packet B, is the Oxygen Powder
  3. Put the lid on, you will see the bubbles in the small part of the container thus triggering a reaction and does not need electricity for this reaction to take place

Reaction Time:

  • Put the Mask on over your nose and mouth and inhale the pure oxygen
  • The bubbling / reaction time will be approximately 20 minutes
  • This will produce approximately 12 litres of Oxygen.

Once it has stopped bubbling the treatment is complete – it’s that easy.

NB, due to temperature variations you may experience a slight difference in the generating time, however the quantity of Oxygen generated will be regular.

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