Why is Dr Oxygen Important

Energize yourself daily – with Dr Oxygen – the basis of all life.

Oxygen is the origin of health and life.

Every day we breathe in and out

What is Dr Oxygen ?

Dr Oxygen is a proven efficient portable OXYGEN generator

It is convenient to use

No power / electricity needed

Fill up the chambers of the generator with water, then add Part B, then Part A

Put o n the mask or use the nasal  tube

After a short time you have more than 10 litres of 99.8% Oxygen available

Begin your Oxygen therapy for 10 -15 minutes   –  too easy !

Why is Dr Oxygen IMPORTANT ?

Stress / Wrong Food / Insuffiicent Exercise / Environmental pollutants

All of these things have consequences for the body:-

The result is poor blood circulation and heart problems

Deterioration of our health starts form the lack of Oxygen

The good news is, help is here now…… Dr Oxygen can help in all areas

What are the effects of Dr Oxygen ?

This therapy gives excellent results for energising and improving your body condition

What is the success of Oxygen using the  Dr Oxygen Protable Generator ?

Oxygen for Wellness:-

  • After too much alcohol and nicotine
  • More vitality
  • Relaxed and fresher
  • Increased stamina in sport
  • Higher concentration in tests, study and school
  • Attentiveness  for long distance driving
  • Longer work hours with less sleep

Oxygen for Beauty:-

  • Gives nicer healthier looking skin
  • Radiant better looking skin colour with freshness and wellness
  • Smoother looking skin from better blood circulation

Oxygen increases your fitness:-

  • Gives your better Blood Circulation
  • Maximises your Organ efficiency
  • Gives increased energy
  • Prevents dizziness
  • Ideal for pregnancy